Who lives in Amsterdam knows that finding a good pizza is a hard work! To prepare a good one you need:

1. experience,
2. the right ingredients,
3. the right oven,
4. love.

Well, you can find all that stuff in Amsterdam at Mangiamore (“eatlove”), Mangiancora (“eatagain”) and Mangiassai (“eatalot”), the answer to the needs of a wise stomach.

Ciro, from Napoli, came to Amsterdam and funded Mangiamore in 2007 with his Dutch wife. It was a success! Two years later in 2009 part of his family came along and with their deep knowledge they funded Mangiancora: another success. That is why to greet the new year he funded the third pizzeria, Mangiassai (2011).

Ingredients, recipes and even the bricks of the ovens (made with the sand of the volcano Vesuvio) come directly from Napoli, where the typical rounded pizza was born. The basic ingredients are basil, mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil and every peace of dough is weighted.
At Mangiamore and Mangiancora it is also possible to buy some selected food from Napoli like olive oil, wine, vinegar and pasta.

So, wise stomachs, next time you want to taste a well-deserved pizza in Amsterdam, try out one of these 3 places:

Mangiamore –   Ijselbuurt (tram n. 12, 25, stop: Maasstraat);
Mangiancora –   Nieuwe Pijp (tram n.3, 12, 25, stop: Ferd. Bolstraat);
Mangiassai –   Oosterparkbuurt (tram n.3, stop: Wibautstraat).

Eet smakelijk!

Pizza. Basic ingredients: passion and love

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