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   1.  De Vliegende Schotel Restaurant. If you are vegetarian or vegan, you like healthy food and simple and cozy alternative places… (0)
   2.  Coffeeshop De Tweede Kamer. Since Herb rediscovered the pleasure of a good joint some times, in this pages you will get also some tips about it. (0)
   3.  NDSM – Werf, an old shipyard transformed in an underground cultural center at the end of the 90’s… (0)
   4.  Weekly Couchsurfing meet up for travellers and locals (0)
   5.  Getting hot and steamy in the best saunas of Amsterdam (0)
   6.  Golden oldies and jazzie sounds at the Weergever (0)
   7.  NEW BIKES, STOLEN BIKES, RECYCLED BIKES. Who lives in Amsterdam knows how useful is a bike… (2)
   8.  Second Life Music, where you can find every music genre and a collection of 20 thousands vinyl records (1)
   9.  Mezrab, beyond the music and the cinema: “We create a space for talent from various disciplines and countries to meet and share.” (0)
   10.  City Parks (1)
   11.  Arthouse Cinema “The Movies” (0)
   12.  De Bierkoning, where you can find almost 1000 thousand different beers from all around the world:”We pride ourselves in having the largest selection of beers in the world. (0)
   13.  Dutch Culture Shots – Part I – Toilets (1)
   14.  What is going on? WHAT IS GOING ON??! (0)
   15.  Cinemanita and other “underground cinemas”. (3)
   16.  Amsterdam street markets (0)
   17.  Cracked Kettle, a very small shop in the Center of Amsterdam, on a little street that crosses Spui Straat (Raamsteeg 3) with more than 500 different types of beer from all over Europe (1)
   18.  Year of the Devil (0)
   19.  Kirtan, Yoga’s devotional songs. Every friday evening from 8 pm. at Svahayoga, a cozy yoga center in Jordan (1)
   20.  Binnenpretje, a social center in South-west of Amsterdam, close to the Vondelpark. (0)
   21.  Pomo Rosso, Italian take away shop where you can buy basic products from the south of Italy to prepare by yourself a good Italian dinner as well as many Italian typical dishes to take away (10)
   22.  Albert Cuyp Market, one of the biggest outside daily market in Amsterdam is located in De Pijp District in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid. (1)
   23.  Ping-pong night – OT301 – every Tuesday (0)
   24.  Amsterdam breweries, shot 1: beer lovers go to Brouwerij ‘t IJ (0)
   25.  Wynand Fockink, jenevers like never before. (0)
   26.  Pizza. Basic ingredients: passion and love (0)
   27.  Waterlooplein Flea Market (0)
   28.  M2M Web Radio (0)
   29.  10 Reasons to Consider Couchsurfing this Summer (0)
   30.  Tired of spending lots of money in junk food? Are you fed up with kebabs or vlaamse frites? Do you want to socialize with nice people? EAT AT VOKU! (2)

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