Lo Stivaletto is a community of education professionals and volunteers who promote the Italian language and culture in Amsterdam by organizing activities and events for children, kids and parents.

It is an initiative born from the energy of a group of mothers who recognize the value of multilingualism, of friendship and sharing of experiences as a source of integration and growth opportunities.
The game, reading, music and creativity are the ingredients of the courses, of holiday camps and workshops forchildren from 0 a 9 years, designed to promote the development ofsocial and linguistic skills of those who grow up in a multilingual context such as that of the Netherlands.

Holidays and moments of reading aloud, that stimulate the imagination, they encourage interaction and sharing of culture, are an opportunity to share withthe whole family the pleasure of being together, have fun and speak Italian.

Attention is also paid to adults who are confronted with the thousand faces ofbeing parents, with the school, the Dutch labor market and services: for this reason Lo Stivaletto organizes training workshops with experts in local dynamics and regulations.

Thanks to the common commitment in May 2018 the Foundation was officially bornLo Stivaletto Foundation, a realityno-profitwhich uses all the profits collected to cover the costs of renting the premises and management, the purchase of materials made available and for the development of new projects.

Dal 2020 la Foundation è inoltre partner del Youth Culture Fond Amsterdam, and offers free access to courses for children from 2 years and up for low-income families (holders of the Stadspas of the City of Amsterdam).

The sitelostivaletto.it collects information on Stichting, the possibility to subscribe to the newsletter and to subscribe – directly online – to all their activities. To follow their news, advice and stories on what they organize and on everything related to education, Lo Sitvaletto is also waiting for you on Facebook ( @stivaletto) and Instagram (@stivaletto).

Lo stivaletto (the boot), a unique opportunity for our children to cultivate art, music and literature in Italian

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