Migrants to Migrants

M2M radio is one of the first thing I discovered when I arrived in Amsterdam. It is a web radio work out by a group of media activists and artists, “a media environment for free communication, an alternative approach towards migration”.

To be honest I don’t know exactly when they started this project. I don’t remember all their names, where they are from, what they did before. Off course I could ask more details but it doesn’t make sense in this moment of my life.

An handshake is sketched on their visiting card.

“No borders, no nations, stop deportation”, is one of their favorite yell for their public demonstrations.

That’s enough at the moment for me.

I like the ideas, the meanings and the energies of this project. I like these people that I meet sometimes here and there.

M2M means from Migrant to Migrant.
M2M is a meeting point for migrants.
Like a camp fire.
Every migrant has a story, a message.

Every migrant is a messenger between there and here
and here and there..
Every migrant is a medium.

M2M invites you to move and be moved.
To imagine you are somewhere else.
To realize that you can be someone else.
To accept the fact that identity is an illusion.
That metamorphosis, the permanent migration of identities,
is the way of life in the age of vanishing substance.
[..] (

M2M Web Radio

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